The vCardHandler app allows to import contact information from vCard formatted data, like links to vCard files. In addition, contacts can be exported from the device' address book and sent via email or SMS (iPhone only).

Data can be exported in vCard format or as

  • HTML (email)
  • plain text (SMS)


When opening a vCard link, you will be asked whether you want to open the file using the vCardHandler. Once the link has been opened in the vCardHandler, you can inspect all contacts from the vCard file and individually adjust the contact data to be imported.

Clicking the data of the currently shown contact will select the data for import or remove it from the import.


The following buttons from the toolbar can be used to browse the new contacts and import single contacts:

Display the previous contact if multiple contacts are available for import

Import the current contact. The following screen allows to select whether to create a new contact or whether the information should be added to an existing contact.

Import the current contact. The contact will be immediately added to the address book.
To add all contacts with the selected information to the address book, use the "+" button on the right side of the top navigation bar.

Remove the current contact from the import list.

Display the next contact if multiple contacts are available for import

The "Cancel" button in the top navigation bar will discard all remaining data and switch to the import screen. The top right "+" button will add all remaining contacts to the address book.

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When launching the app from the SpringBoard (or after completion of an import), a list of all contacts in the address book is shown.

You can select one or more contacts from the list and export them. When selecting just one contact, transmission via email and SMS is available. When selecting more than one contact, only email transmission is possible.

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Customize the Export

After selecting the contacts to export, you can specify for each individual contact which information to include in the export.
Image export can be enabled by clicking the top name section.

Export Modes

Once the contacts have been selected along with data to export, the export can be started using this button.

When having selected just one single contact from the list, the data can either be transmitted via email or SMS.


Transmission via email can either be in vCard format or as HTML formatted text. Both formats allow to include images from the address book.

By default, contact images are not exported, because some vCard clients do not support embedded image data and fail to open such files. Therefore in order to export images, you need to explicitly enable the image for each contact by clicking on the section containing the contact name.


To due to limitation of a short message, only limited information can be included in the export.


  • SMS transmission is only available for iPhone devices.
  • Not all destination cell phones may be able to handle vCard short messages.
  • Use plain text in case the receiver's device is not able to import vCards.

When having selected multiple contacts, only transmission via email is possible.

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